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Debt Information

IssuerIssue CurrencyAmount OutstandingIssue DateMaturity DateCouponCUSIPSEC Filing
BGC Group, Inc.USD255.5 millionOct 2023Oct 20243.750%088929AA2Download
BGC Group, Inc.USD288.2 millionOct 2023Dec 20254.375%088929AB0Download
BGC Group, Inc.USD347.2 millionOct 2023May 20288.000%088929AC8Download
BGC Partners, Inc.USD44.5 millionSep 2019Oct 20243.750%05541TAM3Download
BGC Partners, Inc.USD11.8 millionJuly 2020Dec 20254.375%05541TAP6 / U2100DAE3Download
BGC Partners, Inc.USD2.8 millionMay 2023May 20288.000%05541TAQ4 / U2100DAF0Download

On October 4, 2023, BGC Group, Inc. (“BGC Group”) completed an offering to exchange the outstanding Senior Notes issued by BGC Partners, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BGC Group, for new notes issued by BGC Group with the same respective interest rates and maturity dates. For disclosure of issue price for the BGC Group Senior Notes, please click here.